Strade Bianche

Iscriviti con noi e sostieni il Service per la Ricerca scientifica Plastic Buster – Human Value sull’inquinamento di plastiche e ftalati nel mediterraneo.

Se sei un ciclista non perdere l’occasione di partecipare alla Gran Fondo STRADE BIANCHE. Iscriviti con noi e impegnati in prima persona non solo nella sfida sportiva, ma anche in quella solidale diventando fundraiser!

Attraverso questo crowdfunding RCS mette a disposizione pettorali di prima griglia per la Granfondo Strade Bianche 2019,  gestiti dal Rotary Club Montaperti Castelnuovo Berardenga con quota minima da sottoscrivere per il diritto al pettorale fissata in € 200. Per ulteriori informazioni e contatti continua  a leggere la versione in lingua inglese del progetto. A breve verrà pubblicata anche la versione in italiano.


In Italy, region Tuscany, the beautiful area of Siena, the Rotaryclub Montaperti – Castelnuovo – Berardenga, presents their event Strada Bianche Granfondo Crowdfunding – Service Plastic Buster Human Value

Offering our worldwide Rotarian friends a cycling granfondo to remember for ever, and supporting a social international project like the scientific research to reduce the micro-plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, are the pillars this event is build upon.

Read the program, the offerings and the social project and join us from March, 7nd, 2019 in Siena!

Coordinator:  Manuel Giuggioli
Rc Montaperti Castelnuovo Berardenga
Chairman project commission



Dear Rotarian, der all,

Our Club’s intention is to focus on the universal values of sustainability because in his general concept we have recognized values and goals in common with Rotary’s purposes.

With this specific project of service we want to enhance the University of Siena’s scientific research on litter pollution of plastic in the Mediterranean Sea at European and international level, supporting the training of a young researcher, giving him the possibility to spend a period of training abroad. Through this experience he can exchange good practices for environment progress. All Mediterranean country should work together to develop new strategies to reduce and mitigate the litter pollution of micro-plastics. The results of this approach would be of fundamental importance to create the conditions for a healthier environment and for our best quality of life and well-being improving human relationships.

Rotary International President Barry Rassin laid out his vision for the future of the organization calling on leaders to work for a sustainable future and to inspire Rotarians and the community at large, he says: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. Be the Inspiration.”

We believe that just a small commitment from each it’s useful to get great results.

Daniela Bellucci
President a.r. 2018/219 Rotary Club Montaperti Castelnuovo Berardenga



Supported by Rotary International Fellowship Cycling to Serve a world wide community of more than 1,2 million members share a lot of common intrests. Fellowships, creating possiblities to meet and greet friends with the same intrests reach out to several continents, countries, regions and cities. Cycling to Serve is a typical, fast growing Fellowship connecting cyclists around the world.

Dear rotarian and non-rotarian friends,

The Rotary Fellowship Cycling to Serve is proud to support and happy to participate in this event on the one hand, a human communion around that passion that is cycling during this fabulous event Granfondo Strade Bianche, on the other hand being  involved in this very nice social project led by the Rotary Club Montaperti Castelnuovo Berardenga.

Once again, cyclist rotarians are leading the way for this major and urgent cause to save our seas, flora and fauna. In so many other delicate situations, Rotarians like to mobilize and with their encouragements like today, transcending national borders, support the commitment made by our Italian friends.

May these days in this wonderful Siena environment be a beautiful cycling event but beyond that a step further to make our planet more beautiful and safe !

RI FCS Jean-Luc Berger



Supported by Sky Professional Race Team:

Being part of an advertising campaign aimed at sensitizing the responsible use of plastic products, was a source of pride for me, who have always been particularly attentive to the issues of environmental protection. I am thrilled to have the opportunity now to participate in an Italian project and use my image to promote environmental protection and I want to get the most out of bringing the greatest number of people to change their habits in favor of respect for our planet.


Gianni Moscon Team SKY Rider



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Wednesday, March, 6th, 2019 (prefered) arrival to the hotel, check in and be ready to explore the city at your own pace.

Thursday, March, 7nd, 2019 – Explore the first part of the granfondo Strade Bianche
from the start in Siena up to Monteroni d’Arbia and return to Siena for about 60 \ 70km (but for those who want can become 90 \ 100 ), exploring the first White Roads and crossing Val di Merse and Val d’Arbia.

Friday, March, 8th, 2019 – Explore the final part of the granfondo Strade Bianche
the last 60 \ 70km (but if one wants can become 90 \ 100 with Monte Sante Marie) where we will find all the Pro Teams to do the same thing. The final arriving at the famous Piazza del Campo is included where we probably take a final coffee with the best pro riders!

Saturday, March, 9th, 2019 – Feel the beats of the professional race Strade Bianche
two races of the Pro, women and men, and usually you can go to see them in more points of passage or by car or bike depending on how you prefer, however we will all wait for you at the top of Santa Caterina (the last entering the city – the Wout Van Aert hill) or at the Piazza del Campo for the arrival!

Sunday, March, 10th, 2019Rotarians Strade Bianche!

The exploration of the race on Thursday and Friday are FREE OF CHARGE for everyone.




Thursday, March, 7nd, 2019 – The city of Siena and its monuments

9h40 appointment at the hotel reception

10h-13h00 –The city of Siena and its monuments in external + visit to the Civic Museum – Groupsprice with reservation: €7,5

Lunch tasting of typical local products at Gastronomia Morbidi  in the main street of the city: € 20 at any time from 12h to 17h


Cyclists, explore the first part of the granfondo


 18h00 appointment at the hotel reception

18h30 -23h  visit to the stable, museum and the church of the Nobil Contrada del Bruco with dinner of typical products € 35



Friday, March, 8th, 2019 – Visit to the Duomo

10h10 appointment at the hotel reception

10h30-13h30 Visit to the Duomo
Duomo Complex (Cathedral, Crypt, Baptistery, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo with Salita al Facciatone for panoramic view) + Porta del Cielo with the exceptional visit to the attics (ticket price OPA-All- Inclusive Sipass, € 21)


Lunch tasting of typical local products at Consorzio Agrario di Siena in the main street of the city € 20 at any time from 12h to 17h


Cyclists, explore the finish part of the granfondo


17h30-19h meeting at the Department of Physical Sciences, the Earth and the Environment of the University of Siena for the awarding of the scholarship cerimony.


Free evening for dinner at your choice.


Saturday, March, 9th, 2019 – Visit to the winery with wine tasting

10h – on reservation visit to the winery (to be defined) with wine tasting



The hotel is in the center, served by an escalator that allows you to reach Piazza del Campo in maximum 10 minutes on foot.

The starting point of Strade Bianche is 5 minutes away by bike, and 15 on foot.

It has ample parking for private cars and a public one within walking distance.

It has a bike storage and an outdoor washing area, however it allows you to bring the bikes in the room but only if clean. 😊


For the evening before the race the restaurant of the hotel can prepare food on request and on the morning of the race offer breakfast starting at 6.00


Hotel Moderno Siena ( (all the details are available on the website)

Hotel accomodation:

Stay of 3 nights: (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) rates by person, including contribution Service Ocean Rescure, including VAT and service, excluding tourist tax (on site to be payed)


Room and breakfast in double room, single use (1 person)                        => 240€ pp

Room and breakfast in double room (2 persons)                            => 135€ pp

Room and breakfast in triple room (3 persons)                               => 120€ pp


Half board in double room, single use (1 person)                           => 300€ pp

Half board in double room  (2 persons)                                           => 195€ pp

Half board in triple room (3 persons)                                              => 180€ pp


The rates for additional nights (on top of the minimum 3 nights) are as follows:


Room and breakfast in double room, single use (1 person)                        => € 50.00 pp/night

Room and breakfast in double room (2 persons)                            => € 35.00 pp/night

Room and breakfast in triple (3 persons)                                        => € 30.00 pp/night

Prices per person, per night, including VAT and service, excluding tourist tax.


Half board in double room, single use (1 person):                          => € 70.00 pp/night

Half board in double room (2 persons)                                            => € 55.00 pp/night

Half board in triple (3 persons)                                                        => € 50.00 pp/night

Prices per person, per night, including VAT and service, excluding tourist tax.


Dinner includes first course, main course, dessert and mineral water. 


The option within which customers must book is as of December 31, 2018.

By 10 January 2019 it is required to pay a deposit equal to 30% of the booked services.

More details on the website (to be communicated asap)

Signing up

Plastic Buster Granfondo Strade Bianche 2019 is a crowdfunding that can be found on the website

To access it, look for the Service Plastic Buster under the heading Rotary Club Montaperti Plastic Buster 2019 or Strade Bianche 2019.

For those who want to participate in the Granfondo, the minimum registration fee is € 200, to be subscribed both as a simple donation and as a fundraiser collection, and from the hotel reservation fee to the agreed rates, on the first starting grid (first 500 numbers ) in the Medicea Fortress, includes the race pack and the special bib number.

For those who do not participate in the Granfondo it is possible to donate anyway on the Service Plastic Buster in the usual way of the participants, both as single and as a Rotary Club, and for those who want to come to Siena during the competition a minimum personal donation of 100 € from to the hotel reservation at the agreed rates.Plastic Buster Granfondo Strade Bianche 2019 is a crowdfunding that can be found on the website To access it, look for the Service Plastic Buster under the heading Rotary Club Montaperti Plastic Buster 2019 or Strade Bianche 2019.



The prices below are to be considered exclusively for those who participate in the Strade Bianche Granfondo 2019 or for those who do not take part but make a minimum free personal donation of € 100 on Plastic Buster Strade Bianche Granfondo 2019 crowdfunding on the website

For any information about contact the Coordinator.